I take pride in pursuing my philosophy as a founder of a modern artcraft manufacturing studio.


The twelve thousand year old Anatolian history,archeology and antique cultures are the main sources of my contextual road map.


From my graduation day onwards,hand crafted jewellery,fashion and home accesories became the main source of my passion and happiness.


So many textile expos and my first fashion boutique have been the main contributors in my first steps into this sector.


My Unique workshop studios have created many modern and still living design engineering projects for the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.


My main passion is to reach new pinnacles in crafting jevellery,hand made art pieces and home accessories.


I sincerely believe that,this land of ours,is an unmatched craddle and source as a unique ekopark for this kind of art.


My most precious and bountiful sources are the very rich archives we can reach and already have and most of all,especially our Master Crafters who are my eternal teachers and source of

my inspirations.


We are currently continuing our professional teachings as well as new projects for the good of social community.