I have always searched for different things throughout my life, I was always interested in developing creative ideas... I sought beauty in my childhood and student life, and in my next life.

 Accessories have become an important complement to my life in every sense. The accessories that enliven my home and adorn my body were always different and were the 'signatures' for me that showed my personality, character and taste.

 This feature, which I sometimes provide with small different touches, has gradually led me to seek to do more conscious and right things in this field. I wanted to create new, different and beautiful things and share them with others like me without limiting them to my own use only. But for this, it was necessary to know the material, to learn the right techniques, to know the intricacies of design, to gain experience…

I read, researched, asked, observed, tried, tried again and again. With my first boutique store; With the exhibitions and fairs I attended, I always added new things to what I learned and increased my professional experience. In this process, I realized the value of handicrafts, and I chose to make works that have a traditional spirit but appeal to the tastes of contemporary people. I have worked with the most distinguished teachers, artisans, and the best masters in this field; I learned technical tricks from them, benefited from their experience and got inspiration.

 My personality as a researcher and eager to learn and my quest to reshape myself has now turned into an indispensable passion and an occupation that I can do without interruption, it has become my profession, I founded and brought to life Unique by AV and its workshops.

He knows that the cultural history of these lands was written by the civilizations that came from here; We see that the 'high and comprehensive cultures' that have come to life here also create unique examples in the field of handicrafts. For this reason, as Unique by AV Ateliers, we have determined our starting point as 12000 years of Anatolian history, archeology and ethnography. We experience the pleasure of reflecting this cultural accumulation that we feel in our tissues into our designs, and making jewellery, home accessories, and replicas suitable for contemporary tastes bearing cultural traces.

Today, with Unique by AV, we are happy to design and produce with special projects for the most prestigious stores of the country, for local governments and important business circles. As Unique by AV, we are proud of our projects developed for the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and our international business connections.

As Unique by AV, we have another important mission. We teach; we teach what we did, how we did it, why we did it. Because we are among those who believe in the continuity of culture and art and know that this is through raising new masters and new designers.

I, on the other hand, am doing what I love and continuing to learn at the point I have reached today, in a process that requires endless research-learning and which I believe to be endless/indefinite. I think I am one of those who understand the importance of continuing to search for the newest and most beautiful...

With love, with respect,

Ayşenur Vuruşkan